"this fucker is like a older brother to me. but I’m bigger so I pick on him like he’s younger" - kian about jc


it’s not a sunday unless you completely waste it then feel really sad around 8pm


turn up the volume until the music crushes your soul


what the heck are these two up to wtf

1. Lay on the floor of your shower until you can breathe again. Water will always love to love your skin.

2. Start writing with the intention of filling up one page. Write until your pen stops working.

3. Reread a book that once made you cry. Learn something new on every page. Notice how different chapters make you sad. Notice how the book didn’t change and grow; you did.

4. Sleep with your windows open. You can hear both the rain and boys drunkenly singing Frank Sinatra on their deck. Both are equally good.

5. Don’t forget that honey will always taste sweet, but the best way to eat it is off your fingers, laughing.

6. Remember that, sometimes, getting out of bed is enough.

” —  For unhappy girls who like sitting in the sun (via ki-r)


I want to be spoiled but I also feel extremely guilty when people use money on me


a piece of advice from somebody who’s been through this a few times already: if somebody gives you a bad vibe trust your gut